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Successful Stories

2017 Piezo switch

A Nordic customer advised difficulty to actuate metal pushbutton SW under very low temperature. They demanded something that could be actuated under all temperature.

APEX therefore adopted piezo technology which doesn’t apply mechanism for actuation, but only request slight pressure to satisfy such demand.

2015: 10X10 mm rotary coded switch

A leading industrial customer uses very high volume of rotary coded switch, but cost down is not possible from current supplier. APEX came out a drop-in replacement in couple months with better performance in terms of haptic detent feel and rotational life.

Customer was satisfied and adopted APEX switches from new projects.

2013: Intrusion Switch for Server

A leading server customer came to APEX to request a robust intrusion switch with long travel as such a switch is not available in the market.

APEX came out a custom product design in 4-week, submitted samples in 8-week, and entered mass production in 12-week. Customer awarded 100% allocation to APEX thanks to our quick and profession response.

2012: Illuminated Power Switch for Server

A leading server customer came to APEX to request a robust switch to resist more impact strength during assembly as current supplier refused to improve it and asked customer to improve their assembly process.

APEX came out a shield as quick solution, and then develop a custom product with thicker plastic and metal mounting plate as long-term solution. Such design now becomes industrial standard for servers.